What is the 30/60/90K Service?

The term "30/60/90K vehicle maintenance" is synonymous with factory scheduled maintenance. It is the maintenance guidelines directed by the car's automaker to ensure your car runs optimally for as long as it can. As the name implies, general maintenance for most automobiles occurs at every 30,000-mile mark. If you want to avoid as many unnecessary problems as possible throughout your car's life, please follow this schedule.

Many car owners believe that the 30/60/90K services are merely a recommendation or even a tactic to get you to spend more money, but neither is true. Most warranties require you to follow the factory's scheduled maintenance. By adhering to this agreement, your car will run smoothly for the benefit of everyone.

Typically, these items will be tended to during the major service:

  • Oil change
  • Replacing spark plugs or wires if needed
  • Changing air filter, oil filter, and more
  • Fluid checks, top-offs, and/or flushes
  • Tire rotation
  • Belt and hose inspections

AS long as you stick to the service schedule, the warranty on your car will still be valid. You should always take your car to a trusted auto repair shop for your 30/60/90K maintenance check. You should expect each service to be more complex as the vehicle ages. The longer you have the vehicle and the more it's driven, the more repairs and replacements it will need. For instance, the timing belt is usually replaced at the 90K service.


Our auto repair shop is more than qualified with the proper equipment, tools, and expertise to assist you with your vehicle's 30/60/90K service needs. Our team will take great care of you and your vehicle when you bring your car to Roesbery Car Care in Walnut Creek, CA. If you need factory scheduled maintenance, please give us a call or visit soon!