Check Engine Light Service | Roesbery Car Care Walnut Creek

Having your check engine light turn on as you’re cruising down the road is one of the most annoying things to see. You don’t notice any problems with your vehicle, so what does this check engine light even mean?

What does your car’s check engine light do?

Your check engine light is a warning sign that your vehicle is giving you, letting you know either that something is wrong, or something is about to be wrong. It is hooked up to your car’s computer, and reads cues from many of your vehicle’s intricate systems. While it could be alerting you to something as simple as your gas cap not being properly closed, it could also be alerting you that a major problem in your engine is brewing.

Do not ignore your check engine light, Walnut Creek!

Ignoring your check engine light is not only dangerous; it can also cost you more money! As we said before, this is a warning light, and often alerts you to something that is about to break. As with other car problems or maintenance services, ignoring it will not make the problem go away, but only make it bigger. The best thing to do when your check engine light comes on is to take your car, truck, SUV or minivan to your trusted auto repair shop in Walnut Creek, CA.

Our mechanics are experts at reading and repairing check engine light issues.

At Roesbery Car Care, our mechanics are ASE Certified Technicians, and have years of experience working on all years, makes and models of vehicles. We have the state-of-the-art equipment and technology to properly read the codes that your check engine light gives us, allowing us to quickly repair the problem. We’ll have you and your automobile back on the road in no time!

Next time your check engine light turns on in Walnut Creek, CA, save yourself the headache and bring your vehicle in to Roesbery Car Care right away. Our friendly auto service team is always happy to help!