What Does the Power Steering System Warning Light Mean?

The power steering system warning light is a red or yellow light on the car dash that pops to alert the driver. Normally, the light illuminates when the car's power steering system has an issue. And surprisingly, the light is programmed to go off when the problem is fixed.

Earlier, car manufacturers equipped their new cars with manual steering systems. And if you have driven these cars, you know manually steering them can be a workout. Thankfully, modern manufacturers have developed hydraulic and electric power steering systems. And these systems are integrated with sensors to monitor any problem that may arise.

Once the sensor experiences signal errors, it sends the information to the Electronic Control Module (ECM). The ECM illuminates the warning light on the dashboard to alert you of the problem.

What Causes the Power Steering System Warning Light to Illuminate?

There are numerous causes of the steering system warning light to illuminate. This is because the system is made of various components that work to steer the car easily. Below are some of the possible causes we have analyzed:

  • Low Fluid Level

Electric power steering systems do not use fluids. But if your car uses a hydraulic power steering system, you must regularly check your fluid. Normally, the fluid fills certain chambers when you turn the steering wheel to help turn the front wheels.

However, things can turn difficult if the fluid goes low due to leakages or reaches its end of life. But the system will illuminate a warning light on the dashboard even before things turn worse.

  • Problem With the Wiring System

The sensors use power from the car battery and the alternator to operate. So, the issue may arise if the wires are corroded or the car battery is dead. Generally, you may also have a problem with other electrical components.

  • Faulty Sensors

Car sensors can reach to end of life, get damaged by salt or grime, or fail, just as it's the norm with electrical components. If the sensors fail, the ECM will read errors in the power steering system, illuminating the warning light.

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