The ABCs of Tire Maintenance: Rotation, Pressure, Tread Depth, and Alignment

For car safety and performance, you need to ensure you properly maintain your tires. Tire maintenance is relatively straightforward, but very few people do it. Most tire damage is due to improperly maintained tires. The following are the ABCs of tire maintenance:

Tire Rotation

To properly maintain your tires, it is important to rotate them regularly. A good rule of thumb to follow is to rotate them at least every three months or every 5000-7000 miles, whichever comes first.

Tire rotation is a defense against uneven wear and tear of tires due to weight, use, and other factors. Have a professional mechanic inspect the tires and perform the rotation for the best results.

Air Pressure

Taking care of your car's tires means ensuring they are properly inflated. Poorly inflated tires reduce fuel efficiency, reduce tire lifespan, and can lead to punctures.

Pass by a service station every few days to check the tire pressure. A personal tire pressure gauge is an even better idea. Inflate tires according to the owner's manual, and they will perform optimally.

Tire Tread

The treads on your vehicle's tires are what allow them to ‘grip' the road. Without them, the road would be slippery, and control would be inadequate.

To properly maintain the tires, check the treads regularly. If the treads are worn down, replace the tire immediately.

Wheel Alignment

Properly aligned wheels are parallel on the left and right sides. If the tires are misaligned, it will lead to uneven wear and tear.

You will notice that your tires are misaligned if your car keeps veering to one side when driving.
Take it to a mechanic for wheel alignment.

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