Safe Driving Tips for Thanksgiving Road Travel

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans pack up their cars and head home to see family. This year, roads are expected to be even more crowded as many people refrained from traveling last year due to the pandemic. Whether you're looking forward to the pie, turkey, or football games during the holiday, you should first prepare a plan of action to get there safely. If you are one of many people traveling this holiday, please understand that you may be slowed down by traffic. Here are some tips you can take to ease your stress on your Thanksgiving road trip:

Avoid Driving During Peak Times

Research has shown that the Wednesday or day before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after are the most hectic days to travel. If possible, consider shifting your plans to travel outside of those days.

Pack An Emergency Kit

Packing essential emergency supplies can ease your concerns about a potential breakdown. Your emergency kit doesn't have to be complicated; it can include several items: basic tools, flashlight, batteries, flares, jumper cables, water, snacks, blanket, a first aid kit, and chargers.

Limit Distractions

Distracted driving continues to be a top cause of vehicle accidents in the US. Making a phone call, texting, eating, and calming down fussy children can all increase the chance of an accident. If you need to do any of these actions, you should make a pit stop to do it.

Inspect Your Vehicle 

One of the smartest things you can do for your safety is to take your car to Roesbury Car Care at Walnut Creek, CA, for a pre-trip inspection. Our professional service team can look for anything that might set you back and repair them before hitting the road. Furthermore, we can test all your safety features to ensure you get home in time for dinner.


Overcrowded traffic this Thanksgiving is natural. You should expect to arrive at your destination later than expected, and that's okay! You can always use a GPS app to calculate the best routes to help you get there faster. But all in all, please be patient and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We invite you to Roesbury Car Care for a pre-trip inspection (and all your other automotive needs) today.